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a member of the Carthusian order

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The travellers have set up camp in the shadow of the Grade I listed Charterhouse building - the historic priory of the silent Carthusian mon k s.
8) The orders of women under direct investigation here, the Cistercians and Carthusians, distinguished by adherence to their oldest known rules and usages, were founded in the reformist wave of the eleventh century.
Contract notice: Public service delegation to manage the heating network of carthusian in troyes.
Having already been dropped to the Old Carthusians seconds after the mix-up over whose turn it was to organise the teas, there was no third XI to be relegated into and after all, the seconds were struggling to raise 11 players most weeks anyway.
Forget Corinthians and Old Carthusians, forget Dixie Dean and jumpers for goals, forget Bovril and rattles, all misplaced nostalgia aside, this is football's golden age.
Finally, Bruce branches out to consider the broader social reception of monastic sign language and its place in other orders, such as the Cistercians and Carthusians, arguing that the inclusion of such signs in popular invective directed against undisciplined monks proves the signs' success.
The Miscellany is associated with the Carthusians who were devoted to the practice of silence and who "sought to institute an exceptionally strict monastic isolation" (33); Carthusians were allowed books in their cells, and they made books ("preaching with their hands").
Old Carthusians were the first club to win both the FA Amateur and FA Cup.
Before the Reformation, Carthusians were well-known; since then, they have become nearly invisible.
Dillon introduces the broadsheet printed at Rome in 1555 that depicts the martyrdom of the Carthusians of London and York who were hanged, drawn, and quartered between 1535 and 1537, and she meticulously scrutinizes each of the six engraved plates of which it was composed.
The members of the pop group Genesis are Old Carthusians.
12) Old Carthusians were the first team to win both the FA Amateur Cup and FA Cup.
These, of course, were the various Catholic religious orders who took wasteland in Europe, North and South America, and Africa and turned them into rich farm lands--the Benedictines, Trappists, and the Carthusians, just to name a few.
Part ii looks at 'Carthusian Links with Female Spirituality' through Marleen Cre's examination of the Amherst manuscript as a context for Julian's Short Text and the Mirror of Simple Souls, and two essays that draw attention to works written by Carthusians for women that deserve to be better known: Rebecca Selman on the Speculum Devotorum and Anne McGovern-Mouron on the ps.
A It was the first man-for-man marking system, devised by the brothers AM and PM Walters, who played right-back and left-back for the amateur club Old Carthusians back in the 1880s.