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an austere contemplative Roman Catholic order founded by St

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20) For a full examination of the Carthusian order in late-medieval England, see E.
After this he should consider what the Father of all consolation confers not on everyone but specifically on him, on someone called by divine mercy to the priestly office or to the religious life of the Carthusian Order.
St Hugh's is home to a Carthusian order of monks who are a small community of hermits living in solitude and silence, permitted to talk only once a week during their four hour walk in the local countryside.
The note of ownership reads: 'Iste liber est dom(us) s(an)cte trinitatis ordi(ni)s cartusien(sis) p(ro)pe Divionem' [This book belongs to the house of St Trinity of the Carthusian order at Dijon].
I thought I had to try this lifestyle out because it had never gone away and though I first tried the hermit lifestyle of the Carthusian Order I ended up on Caldey Island," said Mr Lyons, now 74.
The book provides much helpful information on the Carthusian order culled from a variety of sources, materials on virtue and vice trees (in a discussion of the Desert of Religion, the central text of the manuscript), very interesting information on the cult and liturgical rites surrounding the Holy Name and its ties with Carthusian practice (for example, lead strips with the name of Jesus were given to pilgrims who visited the English Charterhouse of Mountgrace).
In 1984, German filmmaker Philip Groning wrote to the Carthusian order for permission to make a documentary about them.
If life moves with a studied slowness at the Grand Chartreuse monastery in the French Alps, head monastery of the Carthusian order, so, too, does "Into Great Silence.