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a member of the Carthusian order

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Among other things, a Carthusian monk, Dominic of Prussia, composed meditations or clauses (clausulae), summarizing the principal Mysteries of the life of Jesus, which were recited after the Holy Name of Jesus.
The plaque says: "Dedicated to James IV, King of Scots, who fell at the battle of Flodden, 1513, and whose remains were last seen here in the Carthusian monastery of Sheen.
1101), founder of Carthusian monasticism and dean of the cathedral school of Rheims; Peter Lombard (d.
As Christmas approaches, the sale of records of Carthusian monks singing plainsong increases.
of Cambridge) examines a broadsheet that was published in Rome in May 1555 containing information about the execution of Carthusian monks for treason 20 years earlier at the beginning of Henry VIII's break from the Roman Catholic Church.
Haines has succeeded in doing this--the three parts of the book cover Writing Medieval Music (general considerations such as its writing, layout, and present-day practice); Early Medieval Notations (music notations from the tenth and eleventh centuries from England, Brittany, Spain, Italy, Northern France, Sicily, and Aquitaine), and Late Medieval Notations (music notations from the twelfth to sixteenth centuries at Chartres, Cambrai and those of the Carthusian, Franciscan and Dominican religious orders).
30 Contact: 01609 883494 THIS is the ruins of a 14th-century Carthusian priory - and one of England's most important, best preserved and most accessible of the 10 medieval Carthusian houses (charterhouses) in England.
Founded in 1381, the Carthusian Priory was the last of the four great monasteries in the city and is now owned by the Charterhouse Coventry Presentation Trust who took over from Coventry City Council through an asset transfer.
Among the studs entering stallions for the first time this year are Broomfield PRE Stud from Perthshire, whose Laura Thomson will showcase Ebano AP, a pure 100% Carthusian stallion from the famous Peralta Stud in Spain.
Contract notice: Public service delegation to manage the heating network of carthusian in troyes.
There is evidence of some moving into Cistercian or Carthusian monasteries, and of others becoming Franciscan or Dominican tertiaries.
In 1812, aged 14, George started his apprenticeship with his uncle, Gilbert Slater, in Carthusian Street, London.
At the end of "Into Great Silence," a one-of-a-kind documentary tracing the life of a community of Carthusian monks over the course of a year, director Philip Groning wryly but lovingly notes that he first approached the order about filming them many years ago.
Brunfels belonged to the austere Carthusian order, whose acolytes took vows of silence and solitude.
Founded on the initiative of Bishop Hugh, a Carthusian monk from France, the cathedral reveals little sign of Frenchness and no trace whatsoever of Carthusian austerity.