Carthamus tinctorius

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thistlelike Eurasian plant widely grown for its red or orange flower heads and seeds that yield a valuable oil

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Effect of salinity on plant growth and biological activities of Carthamus tinctorius L.
Evaluation of the anti-myocardial ischemia effect of individual and combined extracts of Panax notoginseng and Carthamus tinctorius in rats.
No trypsin inhibition activity was found in varieties of Helianthus annuus varieties LSF-11 and LSF-8, Carthamus tinctorius varieties PBNS-12 and PBNS-40 and Arachis hypogaea JL-24.
Anti-inflammatory action of methanol extract of Carthamus tinctorius involves in heme oxygenase-1 induction.
Yield response factor to water (ky)and water use efficiency of Carthamus tinctorius L.
The herbaceous plant Carthamus tinctorius (Safflower), belonging to the Asteraceae family, has been used in traditional Chinese medicine to invigorate the blood and release stagnation, to promote circulation and menstruation (Pharmacopoeia of PRC 2010) and to treat neuropsychological disorders such as major depression (Zhao et al.
Carthamus tinctorius L, as a well-known TCM which is able to active blood circulation, remove blood stasis and relieve swelling and edemas, is extensively used for the treatment of cirrhosis, cerebrovascular and cardiovascular diseases (Wagner et al.
Systematic screening and characterization of flavonoid glycosides in Carthamus tinctorius L.
Major Products Brand Name INCI Recommended Uses (NEW) Hydresia[TM] Carthamus Tinctorius Alcohol based SF2 (Safflower) hand sanitizers, Oleosomes--EcoCert[R] natural skincare, compliant suncare Hydresia[TM] G2 Carthamus Tinctorius Cleansers, natural (Safflower) skincare, Oleosomes) + Glycerin-- suncare EcoCert[TM] compliant Hydresia[TM] PE Carthamus Tinctorius Mass market (Safflower) skincare Oleosomes (NEW) Hydresia[TM] Prunis Arnygdalis Premium skincare, Dulce (Almond) Dulcis natural Oleosomes + Glycerin-- skincare EcoCert[TM] compliant