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a follower of Cartesian thought

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As suggested, Sullivan joins others in relying heavily on a world "before and after" Descartes, which is invoked, often vaguely, with respect to a free-floating Cartesianism.
These radicals tended to combine elements of Cartesianism with insights from Spinoza and his followers.
BORDO, THE FLIGHT TO OBJECTIVITY: ESSAYS ON CARTESIANISM & CULTURE 97-118 (1987) (discussing the "masculinization of thought" which took place in Europe in the seventeenth century); see also JULIE A.
In Tutira, then, the anthropomorphic disposition, so resolutely outlawed by the natural sciences from the late nineteenth century onwards, continues to offer a way of recognising the complex network of nonhuman agencies, while accepting they can never be fully understood--insights problematically neglected by mechanistic Cartesianism and parsimonious scientific positivism.
In a surprising turn that may be qualified as a "Vichian Cartesianism," Gentile grafted a newly vitalized Vico back onto Descartes.
If Cartesianism favors such concepts as "analysis" and "knowledge"--both derivable from mathematical calculation--the alternative epistemology opts for "interpretation" and "understanding.
for this language, it may seem, smacks of Enlightenment rationality or evidentialism or foundationalism or Cartesianism or some other equally unfashionable epistemic point of view.
14) When tied with the native Cartesianism of democratic and commercial culture, where "each man is narrowly shut up in himself, and from that basis makes the pretension to judge the world," these forces present severe dangers to society.
In reply we would begin by saying that it is clear in the IPS Anthropology that we reject Platonism and Cartesianism, according to which a human person is actually a composite of two substances, a soul-substance and a body-substance.
just in official Cartesianism, but also in any "materialism" that grounds itself in the phantasm of sheer, literal need).
I wish to focus on two main strands in which the readings of athletic performance are directly informed by the analytical distinction between mind and body, which I suggest to be impacted on not only by Cartesianism, but by a specific geographic imaginary that juxtaposes primitivism with civilisation.
Comprehending Beauty: The Platonic Legacy through to Cartesianism
This innovation, which is crystallized by his theory of poetry, foreshadows his historical consciousness, and as a historical consciousness it accounts for his reaction against the abstract constructions of Cartesianism.
From there only a minimum of effort on his part would be required to nudge geography from an incipient Cartesianism into his own camp.
He pointed out how the concept of brain death was inspired by a concept of humanity that was strictly within the framework of 17th-century Cartesianism and warned of the dangers of its vivisectionist consequences: "Who can claim to know whether at the moment the scalpel is beginning to do its work a non-cerebral, diffuse sensitivity that is still capable of suffering .