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the set of elements common to two or more sets

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We have given the distance and the Cartesian product of two support neutrosophic sets.
Keywords: efficient open domination, Cartesian product, vertex labeling, total domination
We are interested in the cartesian product of codes in the Hamming graphs H(n, q) and H(n', q').
2] are the strong interval valued neutrosophic graphs, then the cartesian product [G.
The Cartesian product of G and H is a graph, denoted by G [?
We first give the definition of cartesian product of fuzzy SU-ideals and cartesian product of anti fuzzy SU-ideals on SU-algebra and provide some its properties.
7 show respectively for adjacent and common vertex cases, the relative error when calculating the source integral through (9) and the observer integral by means of generalized 2D Cartesian product rules based either on the DE formula or on the Gauss-Legendre rules.
In textual form, R is in this case a proper subset of the Cartesian product of X and Y.
Afterwards, one introduces the neutrosophic set operations (complement, intersection, union, difference, Cartesian product, inclusion, and n-ary relationship), some generalizations and comments on them, and finally the distinctions between the neutrosophic set and the intuitionistic fuzzy set.
Cartesian product x, projection [pi], selection [sigma], union [union], and set difference --, and several additional operations such as [theta]-join or intersection, has three main advantages over non-relational data models (13):
Topics in graph theory; graphs and their Cartesian product.
This result is extended in the final section to deal with the case that the support is an ellipsoid or the Cartesian product of two balls.
Genomic Solutions signed distribution agreements with Gene Company in Hong Kong and BioLab Group in Australia and New Zealand for its GeneTAC, Investigator, GeneMAP and Cartesian product lines .
In this section, we define the theoretical annotated temporal algebra and provide definitions for compaction, intersection, union, selection, difference, cartesian product, projection, and join on annotated relations.
Next, in Section 3, we refine it for the case when the partial ordering is a Cartesian product of component partial orderings, and in Section 4 explain how the introduced notions should be related to the constraint satisfaction problems.