Cartesian coordinate system

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a coordinate system for which the coordinates of a point are its distances from a set perpendicular lines that intersect at the origin of the system

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Owing to the recording of the PWCMM positions being made in a Cartesian coordinate system, the data are stored as three numerical values, X, Y, and Z.
While arbitrary, this mathematical convention becomes especially important when recording grid references when both axes are numbers, for example in a Cartesian coordinate system where the x-axis is written before the y-axis.
The number of evaluation points in polar coordinate system is determined by distances between evaluation points and wheel loads in the Cartesian coordinate system as shown in Fig.
Reswitching to the Cartesian coordinate system and considering the last equation we can easily see that
In order to avoid numerical problems and simplify equations of motion, the simulation environment features equations of motion in the Cartesian coordinate system.
of New York) explains how MATLAB is used in real-world engineering applications by introducing basic matrix concepts, definitions and operations before moving onto the commands needed to master the graphics features such as 2-D and 3-D plots in the Cartesian coordinate system.
In the eyes of a mathematician, these patterns belong to something called the Cartesian coordinate system.
He is immortalized today in the name of the Cartesian coordinate system, and the transformation of thought he helped usher has left repercussions up to the modern day.
I tested resampling accuracies of a system where a perfect grid and random points were used on a Cartesian coordinate system.