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one of the coordinates in a system of coordinates that locates a point on a plane or in space by its distance from two lines or three planes respectively

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Total quantity or scope: Cartesian coordinate measuring machine with laser probing - 1 piece
Figure 3 illustrate the results of tensile modulus, charpy impact, and hardness values in cartesian coordinate axis of X, Y, and Z respectively.
Other important features of this unit include the measurement of the distance between an obstacle and an unmanned air object, the computation of the obstacle's position within Cartesian coordinates and the estimation of the relative velocity of the obstacle.
While arbitrary, this mathematical convention becomes especially important when recording grid references when both axes are numbers, for example in a Cartesian coordinate system where the x-axis is written before the y-axis.
The number of evaluation points in polar coordinate system is determined by distances between evaluation points and wheel loads in the Cartesian coordinate system as shown in Fig.
The coordinate mass of the float is fixed on the center of Cartesian coordinate through revolute joint.
The software was used for the topometric calculations and generation of the Cartesian coordinate points of the study area.
Reswitching to the Cartesian coordinate system and considering the last equation we can easily see that
Geometrical image transformations are usually based on a Cartesian coordinate system representation in which the origin (0,0) is the lower left corner of an image, while for a discrete image, typically, the upper left corner unit dimension pixel at indices (1), (1) serves as the address origin.
Conventional wisdom of the past steered some assemblers to the Cartesian coordinate robot, which consists of an orthogonal-axis structure.
d] can therefore be described by its spherical polar coordinates or by its corresponding Cartesian coordinate vector.
In the eyes of a mathematician, these patterns belong to something called the Cartesian coordinate system.
He is immortalized today in the name of the Cartesian coordinate system, and the transformation of thought he helped usher has left repercussions up to the modern day.
However, GPS satellites circle the Earth's center of mass; therefore, their locations in space, and the resulting triangulation of points on the Earth, are determined in an X, Y, Z Cartesian coordinate system whose origin is located at the Earth's center of mass.