Carter administration

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the executive under President Carter

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However, he did return to public service under the Carter administration, during which time he heavily influenced NATO's policy concerning the Soviet and Warsaw Pact arms buildup.
A general problem in the Carter administration, which Sarantakes points out, was the lack of any expert on international sports.
As we shall see, the "twin pillar" policy formulated by the Nixon administration, and later by the Ford administration, was continued in its basic purposes by the Carter administration.
In the wake of this historiographical confusion, Scott Kaufman's Plans Unraveled: The Foreign Policy of the Carter Administration is a welcome antidote.
Within the first few months of the Carter administration, I sold every stock I owned, and I wouldn't buy a stock right now with your money.
A FURIOUS backstage political battle raged as the Carter administration and senate leaders sought to come up with a last minute compromise to assure passage of the second Panama Canal treaty.
Nordeen, who has worked for Boeing for a number of years, tells the story of the Harrier II aircraft, tracing its development from US Marine Corps air-ground team close air support concepts in the 20s, through the first Harrier's evolution during Vietnam and near cancellation during the Carter administration, and Harrier II's use in Iraq and Afghanistan.
When these same individuals began stirring up violent demonstrations and engaging in criminal acts, the Shah, under pressure from the Carter administration, ordered his military and police to back off.
placed a prohibition on the procedure during the Carter administration and it has never been lifted.
That's why the conservative movement has grown fastest during those periods when things seemed darkest, such as during the Carter administration and the first two years of the Clinton White House.
com was founded by former Carter administration aides Hamilton Jordan and Gerald Rafshoon, Doug Bailey (a former media consultant for former President Gerald Ford) and former Maine Gov.
This remake of a middling 1977 comedy that commented on social malaise during the Carter administration (what's next?
But the truth is, getting them into the building would not have been possible without the work of Jean O'Leary, who famously orchestrated the very first meeting between gays and White House officials back in 1977 during the Carter administration.
For much of 1977, the Carter administration tried to organize comprehensive peace negotiations involving Israel and all the Arab states.