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United States novelist (1917-1967)

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Carson McCuLlers sustituyo la musica por la literatura; las enfermedades no le impidieron escribir en su casa; tampoco obstruyeron que ejerciera la libertad; alcanzo la plenitud existencial junto a las dolencias fisicas.
Carson McCullers explora an esta narracion la imposibilidad de la comunicacion.
Auden, his lover, Chester Kallman, and the composer, Benjamin Britten, lived here, as did Paul and Jane Bowles, Carson McCullers, the ecdysiast, Gypsy Rose Lee, and three of Thomas Mann's children.
In 2011, Vega played a troubled Southern novelist in the one-woman, off-Broadway show Carson McCullers Talks About Love.
9 CARSON MCCULLERS, THE HEART ISA LONELY HUNTER (HOUGHTON MIFFLIN, 1940) McCullers's novel features several protagonists, but I am particularly drawn to the character of Biff Brannon--a quiet yet conflicted man defined as much by his incessant observation of the regulars and drifters who come into his cafe as by his general fogginess.
Carson McCullers treats this metaphor of loss as both symbolic and material, with the phantom feet of the chain gang laborer haunting his community.
A Story Lately Told" has a subtitle -- "Coming of Age in Ireland, London and New York" and is peopled by such names as Carson McCullers, John Steinbeck, Peter O'Toole, Marlon Brando, Monty Clift and the succession of gorgeous, interesting women who made up her father's peripatetic life.
Detailed are his late nights out with Carson McCullers, Tennessee Williams, Paddy Chayefsky, and Arthur Miller, his lifelong friendships with Raymond Massey and Kate Reid, his affairs and marriages, and his collaborations with such famed producers as Kermit Bloomgarden and Roger Stevens.
From apparent influences as disparate as George Saunders, Saki, Stephen King, Carson McCullers and Joy Williams, she has fashioned a quirky, textured voice that is thoroughly her own: by turns lyrical and funny, fantastical and meditative.
Something like Carson McCullers without the malaise, or Spike Lee without the chatter.
Tomboys, Belles, and Other Ladies: The Female Body-Subject in Selected Works by Katherine Ann Porter and Carson McCullers.
Marilyn had an IQ of 163 and at a lunch thrown for Dinesen by novelist Carson McCullers she was described as "gay and witty in this company, easily holding her own".
Thus affinity between Bergman and Carson McCullers may be ruled out on grounds of nationality, gender and language, but become plausible when the space is defined differently, though not necessarily more broadly: say, as that of mid-twentieth-century artists influenced by Romanticism and the Gothic.