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United States biologist remembered for her opposition to the use of pesticides that were hazardous to wildlife (1907-1964)

United States frontiersman who guided Fremont's expeditions in the 1840s and served as a Union general in the American Civil War (1809-1868)

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PARK CITY, Utah - Among the many tributes pouring in for Johnny Carson this week, perhaps the one he would best appreciate is the dedication to his memory of a documentary about the world's filthiest joke.
Only two months ago Carson and Trump were polling with similar numbers.
BURBANK - America lost a late-night legend in the death of Johnny Carson on Sunday, and ``beautiful downtown Burbank'' lost a bit of its soul.
The Carson Group has renamed some of its businesses.
Carson Group Holdings has received a USD35 million minority investment led by Long Ridge Equity Partners with participation from key members of the Carson executive leadership team, the company said.
A day after winning the Iowa caucuses, Ted Cruz reportedly apologized Tuesday to fellow Republican presidential candidate Ben Carson for his campaign's attempts to use a news report about Carson taking a brief break from the campaign trail to sway his supporters at Monday evening's Iowa caucuses.
Ben Carson Sunday turned aside attacks on his veracity, saying he challenges anyone to be accurate about events 40 or 50 years in the past.
Fish and Wildlife Service in Washington, took an unexpected phone call from the manager of the Rachel Carson Wildlife Refuge in Maine.
David Beckham might be the world's best-known athlete, but to a lot of people in Carson, home of the Galaxy, he's going to need an introduction.
Boeing this week named Scott Carson to lead the business after Alan Mulally left the company for the top post at Ford.
Cardiff City target Scott Carson is heading for the World Cup finals.
Fifteen years of hard work has left developers, Angelo Cosentini and John Carson, feeling Blue--and they couldn't be happier about it.
WHEN 200 prisoners of war tried to break out of Stalag Luft III during World War II, Melville Carson was number 151.
Rachel Carson was best known for her book "Silent Spring": her ideas were adopted by environmentalists around the world and fostered many changes and improvements.