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Synonyms for takeout

prepared food that is intended to be eaten off of the premises

(bridge) a bid that asks your partner to bid another suit

Related Words

of or involving food to be taken and eaten off the premises

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Who's buying at restaurants and carry-outs, 5th ed.
The River Road outlet will continue to be for carry-outs and delivery orders only, but the East Broadway building will be somewhat larger than the existing restaurant and will have seating for 96, he said.
Even a ban on taking carry-outs into Glasgow's big bash failed to stop the party atmosphere as 10,000 braved the chill in George Square.
For the driver was given a pounds 1,500 tip for picking up Chinese carry-outs for his aides.
Even curry houses that only do carry-outs are expecting to be run off their feet, with Scots watching the Queen's Speech with a Chicken Rogan Rosh on their lap.
Carry-outs now taste as good as draught beer, thanks to devices like the "widget".
He also claimed that some taxi drivers were willingly bringing carry-outs to kids in their cabs even though they knew they were underage.
Once in the States, the food is trucked to over 200 customers, from grocery stores to restaurants and carry-outs in the Washington, D.
Silver Lake may have Beck, Possum Dixon and the Dust Brothers, but NoHo can boast Grant Lee Buffalo, Eenie Meenie, Spanish Kitchen, the Carry-Outs, the Andersons, Wheel, Sugarplastic and former Mary's Danish diva Julie Ritter.
Most were happy to relax with carry-outs but some of the thousands of kilted foot-soldiers decided to see the famous cathedral.
The top jocks have all been calling their local Oddbins to order illicit carry-outs for weighing-room shindigs
Both sides blamed each other for starting the trouble but one senior cop told us: "This was started by thugs who had been drinking carry-outs all day.
com/research/5b99b2/whos_buying_at_re) has announced the addition of the "Who's Buying at Restaurants and Carry-Outs, 8th Edition" report to their offering.
That doesn't mean to say that we have to stuff ourselves with carry-outs that are swimming in grease.