Carry Nation

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United States prohibitionist who raided saloons and destroyed bottles of liquor with a hatchet (1846-1911)

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As they enter freshman year at Carry Nation High School, the girls ruffle the feathers of class president Meredith Baxter Dimly (Staub), daughter of Principal Dimly (Voight), and her entourage including sycophantic hangers-on Avery (Van Der Pol) and Quinn (Jow).
The four leads are bubbly, strutting defiantly in the face of adversity but there's no place for subtlety in Carry Nation High.
The girls find their "BFF" - Best Friends Forever - promise is put to the test when they start at Carry Nation High and have to deal with the divisions and cliques of high school.
At first they're super-psyched for their first day as freshmen at Carry Nation High School - so much so, they bound out of bed with a smile and video conference each other to coordinate what they're going to wear.
A century after an ax-swinging, Bible-thumping, teetotaling tempest named Carry Nation terrorized saloons in Kansas and the Midwest, the movement she made famous is looking for a new identity.
And as Michael Kelly reported in the May 23 New York Times Magazine, Hillary Clinton had begun to preach "the politics of do-goodism, flowing directly from a powerful and continual stream that runs through American history from Harriet Beecher Stowe to Jane Addams to Carry Nation to Dorothy Day.
The National Constitution Center will transport you back to the era of flappers and suffragists, bootleggers and temperance lobbyists, and such real-life legends as Al Capone and Carry Nation with American Spirits: The Rise and Fall of Prohibition*, Oct.
Malcolm X, Carry Nation, and Gloria Steinem, along with a few figures that are perhaps less obviously representative of particular social movements (i.
The second section is dedicated to biographies of key figures of the era, such as Al Capone, Carry Nation and Warren G.