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someone who has red hair

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I've never been called a carrot top before, though.
Highlights of the live auction on March 19th include a Sean Hayes bear with a "Will and Grace" walk-on, a trip on the American Orient Express and signed bears from Governor Howard Dean, Ellen DeGeneres, Carrot Top, Katie Couric, Tipper Gore, Judy Shepard, and many more.
Evans penned the original song, which features legendary comedian Carrot Top.
A private jet ferrying comedian Carrot Top, feather-clad showgirls and circus acrobats touched down on the tarmac earlier this week to promote the opening of an airport concierge desk for Las Vegas-bound travelers.
He's got a quick temper, a roving eye and he's already made son Bradley blow his carrot top.
To celebrate Rabbit Day, send for a leaflet, entitled One of the Family, from the Rabbit Charity, or enter its Carrot Top Award to find the world's top bunnies.
Comedy with rock 'n' roll, in-your-face energy, and lots of props, will come to Chukchansi Gold Casino when the flame-haired, 1-800-CALL-ATT pitchman Carrot Top shows off his genius for gadgets on Thursday, Mar.
Comedian Carrot Top got Evans back up on stage in July of this year to sing a few songs to help the singer get back on his feet.
So whether you're a pale strawberry blonde or an outand-out flaming carrot top, this is the time to be ginger and proud.
As the season opens, lame prop comic Carrot Top resorts to the life of crime we always knew he was capable of.
This carrot top has turned brooding into an art form.
Notorious Superstars Set To Square Off In Hilarious, Gore-Filled Action, Including *NSYNC, Busta Rhymes, Carrot Top And Anna Nicole Smith
If opening day of the NFL season dawns and the biggest names in the stadium are Carrot Top, Fred Travalena and Buffy from ``The Real World - Boise,'' you've failed.
The silver hair dye to disguise Josh's carrot top is inspired - and I guarantee you'll be amazed - even a little choked up.