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Carroll said Friday he was looking for a tape of McKnight's news conference because he was concerned the tailback's comments were "twisted.
Like many of his predecessors, Carroll has left plenty of room for future stories involving Punk Reichert and his cohorts.
James Carroll is an extraordinarily versatile person of letters.
Still, as Carroll notes, welfare recipients struggle to retain their dreams of improving their lives and getting their share of the American Dream.
The problem with this truism is that the evidence "available" to Carroll seems mostly limited to that presented in the secondary literature.
But this shameful story needs to be retold at length and in detail, and Carroll does so forcefully.
Colonel Carroll attended military specialty schools including the Women's Army Corps Officer Basic Course, the Military Police Basic and Advanced Course, the Armed Forces Staff College, and the Defense Institute of Security Assistance Management.
Carroll claims to have identified a series of eight canto units, each of which is preceded and followed by a single-canto divider, for example: canto 1 / cantos 2-9 / canto 10 / cantos 11-18, and so on.
Carroll sweeps his readers up into an Irish-American saga of fascinating settings, famous personages, and momentous events.
After a year at Georgetown University in 1961, where he was honored as ROTC Cadet of the Year, Carroll chose the priesthood and entered the novitiate of the Paulist Fathers.
Carroll pointed out that because PVC bottles represent only a fraction (about 5%) of the total plastic bottle waste stream, PVC recycling efforts would depend on being part of broader post-consumer collection programs.
Coach Pete Carroll watched from the back of the room as wide receiver Dwayne Jarrett broke down in tears while talking about the teammates he was leaving behind in his decision to declare for the NFL draft.
When Charles Carroll eventually arrived back home in 1765, his dad gave him a 10,000-acre plantation, which became known as Carrollton Manor--not a bad homecoming gift.
According to traditional scholarship, which Carroll convincingly dismantles throughout his erudite introduction, Greene composed the tale on his deathbed and related something of his own experience in the story of Roberto, a scholar who through the necessity of paternal disavowal assumes professional stints as playwright and rogue.