carrier pigeon

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a homing pigeon used to carry messages

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According to a Katherine Lynch of Bletchley Park, this is the first carrier-pigeon message left over from the war her colleagues have ever seen.
General Melchett decides, following his own investigation, to prosecute Captain Blackadder for the willful murder of General Melchett's favourite carrier-pigeon, Speckled Jim, which Blackadder has shot and eaten.
I would suggest Len takes the carrier-pigeon he got from 'Chateau Ferguson' and send it out to find him some tips on how to write a column with a bit more of a measured overview
Call it a romantic notion flown in from Chateau Ferguson by carrier-pigeon
In the Hadad Al Tahaddi, competing falcons tried to score the same results of the first day despite the large number of the carrier-pigeons used this year.
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