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Synonyms for elan

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You be able to examine 86 tables, graphs and charts that analyse, quantify and forecast the carrier ethernet market from 2012-2017.
0 extends the original purpose of Carrier Ethernet with vital additional features, including multiple classes of service (Multi-CoS), greater manageability, and easier inter-connect for eight standard service types, enabling new levels of efficiency and making it easier for a large number of access providers to join the Carrier Ethernet community.
8220;Our best-of-breed Carrier Ethernet portfolio succeeds in winning multiple commendations because it provides the same 'look and feel' in terms of service and network management, uniform performance monitoring and provisioning, and simplified maintenance while delivering high capacity at an affordable cost that significantly lowers TCO.
In his role as Director of Carrier Ethernet Market Development at Fujitsu, Santitoro provides industry thought leadership and works with customers to create MEF-compliant service offerings using Fujitsu packet optical networking and Ethernet service management solutions to deliver superior performance, scalability, management and return on investment.
The winners will be announced during the Carrier Ethernet APAC 2012 event at an evening reception taking place on December 4, 2012 at the Mira Hotel in Hong Kong.
Infonetics projects carrier Ethernet equipment revenue to grow to a little over $42.
TABLE OF CONTENTS Executive Summary 6 Market Overview 10 Total Wholesale Carrier Ethernet Services Market - --External Challenges: Drivers and Restraints 5 --Forecasts and Trends 22 --Market Share and Competitive Analysis 31 Metro Segment Breakdown 36 Long Haul Segment Breakdown 46 The Last Word (Conclusions and Implications) 55 Appendix 58 List of Figures Total Wholesale Carrier Ethernet Services Market: Key Market Drivers and Restraints, U.
MEF 9 which verifies that Carrier Ethernet equipment complies with MEF service delivery and performance at the User Network Interface (UNI).
8220;This is especially relevant in APAC, where, until now, high CapEx has slowed the introduction of premium Carrier Ethernet services.
0 builds upon first-generation Carrier Ethernet technologies by introducing extensions encompassing new global interconnection standards, additional service classes, and expanded service management features.
Retail Carrier Ethernet Services Market, 2012 http://www.
Second Time in a Row That Panel of Independent Industry Analysts Selects RAD's Carrier Ethernet Product Solution at an Event Hosted by IIR Telecoms & Technology and the Metro Ethernet Forum
InfoVista, a global leader of proactive service assurance solutions, has reinforced its commitment to helping service providers take full advantage of Carrier Ethernet technology.
0-compliant solutions for today, looks ahead to future generations focused on making Carrier Ethernet more scalable, reliable, dynamic, and simple.
Global Carrier Ethernet Switch and Router Market 2012-2016