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Hidrobates pelagicus) in the long term; Increase of biodiversity and biomass, and the restoration of ecosystems functions with plant species whose seeds are eaten by rats; Improvement of habitat conditions for bird species breeding on the ground or close to it, for migrating birds present stopping over and for reptiles, invertebrates and vegetation; Improvement of sanitary conditions for island inhabitants at Ventotene and for tourists (in all three islands); Maintenance of long-term low risk of recolonisation; Eradication of Carpobrotus spp.
Some plants were deliberately introduced for dune reclamation: the succulent Carpobrotus edulis and trees like Acacia melanoxylon and Tamarix gallica.
Mrs Thomas said there were no disagreements about the overall winner the Ice Plant, Carpobrotus edulis, was the unanimous choice.
Carissa ovata * * * Carpobrotus glaucescens * Cassytha spp.
This investigation focused on two Carpobrotus species belonging to the family, Aizoaceae, in an attempt to assess their antimicrobial potential.
Mechanism controlling invasion of coastal plant communities by alien succulent Carpobrotus edulis.
Invasion of maritime chaparral by the alien succulent Carpobrotus edulis: the roles of fire and herbivory.
Mechanisms controlling invasion of coastal plant communities by the alien succulent Carpobrotus edulis.
Just feel the weight of a stem of Carpobrotus edulis and you will see what I mean.
Elimination of the IAS from 14 500 m2 in costal dunes and wooded dunes (6 000 m2 for Carpobrotus sp.
This species is often confused with Carpobrotus and Disphyma species, so it may be more common than the 300+ records imply.
Assessing the residual impacts of Carpobrotus edulis invasion, implications for restoration.
Con respecto a este ultimo apunte, resulta mucho mas adecuado emplear especies mediterraneas autoctonas (Fraga 2009) en lugar de acudir a xerofitas exoticas, como se ha venido haciendo, y que es el motivo por el que aparecen tantos taxones pertenecientes a las familias Cactaceae, Aizoaceae, Agavaceae, Aloaceae y Crassulaceae, entre los que se encuentran algunas de las especies invasoras mas nocivas en nuestro ambito cercano (Carpobrotus edulis, Carpobrotus acinaciformis, Cylindropuntia rosea, Agave americana, etc.
Seed production and dispersal in the non-native invasive succulent Carpobrotus Edulis in coastal strand communities of Central California.