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Chrysanthemoides, a grey felted-leaf plant, has spread giving good ground cover in some parts while the favourite Carpobrotus edulis mentioned previously gives bright green areas of cover too.
Carpobrotus muirii and Carpobrotus quadrifudus showed antimicrobial activity against S.
Key words: Carpobrotus, medicinal herbs, in vitro, antimicrobial activity, S.
Different species of the genus Carpobrotus are used as traditional medicine.
Carpobrotus plant species occur in abundance among communities and are widely distributed from the coastal towns to the inlands, of which the most popular species is C.
It can be ascribed to the very high tannin content that was observed in the leaves of the studied Carpobrotus species, which made extraction procedures difficult, because of occasional precipitation of the tannins.
quadrifidus have scientific merit as anti-infective indigenous medicines and can substitute one of the better-known Carpobrotus species for antimicrobial usage.
This study, therefore, confirms that the studied Carpobrotus species can be used interchangeably, depending on their habitats, by local folks.
Assessment of Carpobrotus edulis (main invasive plant species), including its expansion range and the test of eradication methods at specific areas;
are threatened by the invasive species Carpobrotus sp.
On Pianosa, the project expects to eradicate Carpobrotus sp.