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an outsider who seeks power or success presumptuously

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But thanks to declassification of AAF and OSS records beginning in the 1980s, and many years of effort by a handful of researchers, considerable information about the little-known story of the Carpetbaggers is now available.
On the plus side, the mutuals that stood out against the carpetbaggers were forced to improve their offerings to both savers and borrowers and to raise the level of service they provided for increasingly demanding members.
I think it is time the public had a say in the massive pay rises voted by the public servant carpetbaggers for themselves.
These carpetbaggers are able to jump hospital queues and are backed by limitless Legal Aid to gain their objectives.
Neocolonialism," Nkrumah wrote, "is fast entrenching itself within the body of Africa today through the consortia and monopoly combinations that are the carpetbaggers of the African revolt against colonialism and the urge for continental unity.
Some of these men, known as carpetbaggers, had taken seats in state legislatures and exploited for their own gain the postwar rebuilding that gave the era the name Reconstruction.
CARPETBAGGERS can come from anywhere, and the huge Nationwide building society had better be on its guard against one from the north.
THE Skipton Building Society are forking out loyalty bonuses of up to pounds 1000 to members in a move to see off potential carpetbaggers.
Though a remarkable achievement as a critical counterweight to the ranting of hillbilly power-mongers in office, the lessons of the APT have been well learned by earnest progressives and cultural carpetbaggers alike.
Societies put up defences against carpetbaggers as queues of new customers brought branches to a standstill.
Ways in vary, especially as some life companies have tried to scare off carpetbaggers by raising minimum investment levels.
For a collective biography of Northerners, including Tourgee, who came South and entered politics, see Richard Nelson Current, Those Terrible Carpetbaggers (Oxford U.
Addington, president of Save Sierra Blanca, which opposes a proposed nuclear waste dump near El Paso, refers to the radioactive waste consortiums targeting his region as "the nuclear carpetbaggers," conjuring up local sentiments dating back to the Civil War.
She then proceeds to a careful dissection of the blacks' tendency to plan their economic life according to a principle of equality among families rather than individuals - a tendency that brought them into collision with the interests of the planters, southerners and carpetbaggers alike.
Great Expectations, Brave New World, or perhaps the Carpetbaggers and Animal Farm?