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a simple pistil or one element of a compound pistil

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The ovary is positioned superior and consists of 2 or more united carpels forming a single chamber.
ABA as an agent of abscission was expected in developing fruits of date palm since two out of three carpels in the flower degenerate and fall down during the course of normal fruit formation in this species.
The results obtained in this research corroborate with the conclusions of the above mentioned authors, mainly, with regard to the occurrence and types of trichomes in the inner and outer surfaces of carpels.
The gynoecium has an upright position but the two carpels commonly diverge at an angle of 180[degrees].
The pistil is composed of three parts, the stigma (which receives the pollen), the style (the neck below the stigma) and the carpel (or ovary).
Basal angiosperms have three: carpels, stamens and tepals, which are typically petal-like structures.
Flowers have four concentric whorls of parts: sepals on the outside, then petals, then stamens and carpels at the center.
The sections of a cut grapefruit are the carpels of the compound ovary.
I am currently developing a gynoecium web page that will examine the problem areas of ovary superior/inferior, number of carpels, number of loculi, etc.
The young pericarp is thicker (325 [micro]m) at the point of union (a) between carpels in comparison with the kill (b) (225 [micro]m) in which a suture is found (Fig.
The ovary - which consists of one or more carpels - is a female flower part that grows in response to pollination and fertilization.
Flowers are apocarpous, bearing one or a few independent carpels (2.
The fruit are follicular with the carpels arranged spirally on an axis.