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a passageway in the wrist through which nerves and the flexor muscles of the hands pass

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Consider an employee who walks to the bank to deposit a firm's daily accounts receivable and falls or the impact long nights at a computer screen can have on carpel tunnel syndrome or eye-related issues.
In 2001, that was the reality for Dave Escher and 35 employees of the Burlington Northern Santa Fe (BNSF) Railroad Company who were affected by symptoms of carpel tunnel syndrome.
Sick and tired of living with a laundry list of debilitating chronic symptoms, including mental confusion, irritability, short temper, memory loss, uncontrollable bursts of anger, tingling/numbness in my hands and feet, muscle spasms, sharp rectal and vaginal pains, carpel tunnel, sore throats, urinary infections, ulcerated esophagus, reflux, irritable bowel, acne, varicose veins, hemorrhoids, tremors, overwhelming fatigue, slurred speech, neck and shoulder pain, depression, anxiety attacks, low self-esteem, hearing problems, blurred vision, headaches, heart palpitation, irregular menstruation, and a miscarriage at 51/2 months while in my senior year of dental school.
A 32-year-old male with a history of carpel tunnel syndrome and cannabis dependence presents with a several-month history of aching right elbow pain.
Description: This 62 page document reviews the evidence relating to carpel tunnel syndrome, non-specific arm pain, tenosynovitis, and lateral epicondylitis.
FIVE NEW COOKING TOOLS have been added to the Meno Trigger Grip line, which targets people who have arthritis, carpel tunnel syndrome and other physical challenges.
With the decreased productivity and increased health care costs resulting from problems like carpel tunnel syndrome, back pain or poor circulation, it makes sense to spend a bit more for high-quality, appropriately designed furniture.
Occasionally, someone can appear to have black eyes or may have arm and leg numbness, carpel tunnel symptoms and changes in their nails and urine.
Electromyography study (EMG) results were consistent with left-sided carpel tunnel syndrome.
Australia) present 49 patient management problems that general practitioners and rheumatologists might face, in addition to their solutions, in all major areas of rheumatic disorders, including rheumatoid arthritis, pain management, fibromyalgia, carpel tunnel syndrome, osteoarthritis, vasculitic syndromes, back and joint problems, bone and muscle diseases, and autoimmune disease.
Periodic exposure to excessive vibration is known to be a contributing factor in the development of white finger, carpel tunnel syndrome, arthritis and other chronic ailments.
First, there's the carpel tunnel syndrome affecting our executives who have to write out countless bank-deposit slips with all those zeros," explained Petroleum Tramps and Thieves representative Rich Suckudry.
limited risk of carpel tunnel from use of large syringes), and the variety of products available.