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a lot where cars are parked

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Cars were seen worming in and out of tight spaces in the free carpark lots directly opposite the World Trade Centreon Sunday.
Fundraising towards the carpark started in July and has raised PS2,000 so far.
Yes ,I know we can park on streets so what is the difference between that and using a disabled parking spot in a carpark.
Stupidly, they suggest retaining the NCP carpark for BBC use, with all its car traffic obstructing buses, coaches and taxis serving the transport hub.
It's hoped the picture - showing the word "BUSTER" - could help trace the 37-year-old after a man was slashed across the arm neck and face with a glass, in the carpark outside the West Wylam Inn.
Measure shortest single-task distance (disabled carpark to supermarket return) in 30 settings randomly selected in the Auckland region.
Researchers hope the discovery of his remains under a carpark in the central English city of Leicester, complete with the twisted spine of folklore, will lead to a rehabilitation of his reputation.
His locker, at Barrhead Sports Centre, was forced open on August 27 and crooks made off with his Saab 93 from the carpark.
A kangaroo broke into a multi-storey carpark in Australia, sparking a tense showdown with a government sharpshooter.
Limah Design Consultants is to develop a comprehensive wayfinding system for the existing carpark at Al Masjed Al Nabawi in Madinah, Saudi Arabia, which currently suffers from major congestion.
The carpark lift (left of picture) at Ysbyty Alltwen has been broken for two years Porthmadog Town
Long-term parking in the main carpark adjacent to the terminal is illogical and logistically a nightmare for anyone picking up family and friends or doing an overnight business trip.
Cue the pay off--a shot of the huskies waiting patiently for him in the carpark.
BUNGLING workers made a tidy job of laying tar in a new carpark - until they reached Ann Barker's motor.
The facilities include a bank, hotel, shopping complexes, a cricket field and Hall of Fame and a new carpark.