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any of a class of highly unsaturated yellow to red pigments occurring in plants and animals

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The most important indicator of the assimilation activity of plants is the content of chlorophylls a and b, carotinoids in leaves (Table 1).
In the conditions of intensive technogenic impact the content of chlorophyll a and carotinoids in the leaves at the beginning of the active period of plant vegetation are significantly higher in conventional control zones, and in July and August, on the contrary, the indices in these plantations are significantly lower in comparison with parkland and suburban plantings.
The concentrations of these pigments (chlorophylls, carotinoids, phycobilins, etc) in rice are partially based on soil fertility, especially nitrogen.
This is because the humble tomato,containing lycophene and carotinoid, is one of nature's most effective weapons in the fight against developing cancer while cabbage,for example, was well known to the ancient Romans for its anti-cancer properties.
The tomato,containing lycophene and carotinoid also has strong anti-cancer propertiess.