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a diacritical mark (an inverted circumflex) placed above certain letters (such as the letter c) to indicate pronunciation


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52-year-old Caron and her husband Jeffrey took turns caring for Sylvia, who lost her battle with cancer recently, so she could remain at their home.
Caron was charged with a traffic violation (making an unsafe left turn) and appeared in Alberta Provincial Court.
It's now five years since Caron died of breast cancer but still when I see a feather I think of her.
On the occasion of the presentation, Caron stated, "I am pleased to see the strength of the bilateral relationship and the people-to-people ties arising from our history of immigration, and welcome future cooperation between Canada and India.
Caron Atwood - a Gazette mum of the year nominee in 2007 - has lost her battle with bowel cancer, aged 42.
For more than a decade, Caron Treatment Centers has employed a director of research to review the quality and type of care offered at Caron and to help evaluate the issues that affect addiction and treatment in the 21st century.
GLORIA HUNNIFORD found herself going from being the journalist to being the story with the premature death of her daughter, the Blue Peter presenter Caron Keating, from cancer.
Since Caron Treatment Centers was founded 50 years ago, we have cultivated a rich tradition of pioneering treatment and enhancing our facilities to reach a wide range of people suffering from addiction.
Erick Caron as new Chief Executive Officer & Delegate of the Board of Directors.
Even though Hannah Caron needed no proof that a traumatic childhood leads to serious health problems later in life, she got it anyway while studying psychology a few years ago at the University of Oregon.
Sally bears a likeness to Caron and Gloria has been quoted as saying it only seems like five minutes since Caron wed Russ.
CAROLE Malone was out of order with her comments on Sally Meen playing mum to her best friend Caron Keating's kids since her tragic death from cancer.
Catering to organic farmers and their market, the open-pit operation has increased in sales between 15 and 20 per cent each year since its inception, says Chris Caron, chemist and partner in the operation.