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of or relating to the life and times of kings Charles I or Charles II of England


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It's no use going into the rights and wrongs of the affair now, Celia," said Cousin Caroline with some acerbity, for she believed herself the only practical one of the family, and regretted that, owing to the slowness of the kitchen clock, Mrs.
I'm afraid I take a very different view of principle," Cousin Caroline remarked tartly.
Hilbery interposed, and Cousin Caroline thereupon protested with some further plan involving sacrifice of herself.
I would gladly have sent my husband away to Caroline with all our goods, and have come after myself, but this was impracticable; he would never stir without me, being himself perfectly unacquainted with the country, and with the methods of settling there or anywhere else.
With these arguments, and having thus acquainted my husband with the whole secret so far as was needful of him, we resolved to go and seek a settlement in some other colony, and at first thoughts, Caroline was the place we pitched upon.
This was a disappointment; but, however, I, that was to be discouraged with nothing, told my husband that since we could not get passage to Caroline, and that the country we was in was very fertile and good, we would, if he liked of it, see if we could find out anything for our tune where we was, and that if he liked things we would settle here.
Few people are raised with as little family and community as Caroline de Meersseman.
The Originals" is finally bringing over "Vampire Diaries" fan favorite Caroline Forbes-Salvatore, but the CW drama might not involve her in the way audiences expect.
Authorized by the Little House Heritage Trust and researched with letters, memoirs and other family records, Caroline recounts the events of the Little House on the Prairie series through the eyes of Caroline Ingalls, better known as "Ma.
AFTER being single for a year, Caroline Polley's grown-up children were keen for her to find love again.
RICKY Tomlinson has called for his onscreen daughter Caroline Aherne to be given a special TV accolade on the anniversary of her death.
THE screen dad of tragic Caroline Aherne has called for her to be given a special TV accolade on the anniversary of her death.
Caroline Davies and Wendy Fawell were waiting to collect their kids at the Ariana Grande concert on Monday when depraved Salman Abedi detonated his nail bomb.
CAROLINE Aherne's brother has hit back at her ex-husband for claiming she was violent and abusive.
Caroline Fellenius-Omnell has been appointed to Executive Vice President General Counsel.
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