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a singer of carols

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Carole was an immensely practical woman who would wish us to remember her but not to grieve too much.
Carole is survived by her husband, Lod, her five children and 10 grandchildren.
As we walked through the rooms, which had all the old floor tiles, we had to work very hard to keep straight faces and not jump up and down,' says Carole.
Carole Samaha is no longer a singer, she's now the proud mama of a beautiful baby girl.
Carole is supported by her husband John, 51, who she described as "my rock".
Hurt Ebony has forgiven Carole Main picture: NICHOLAS BOWMAN; Ebony and her little daughter Lucia with Carole; Carole with 'kindred spirit' granddaughter Lucia; Swig Brother.
IN LOVE: Gary gets a cuddle from Carole, they described one another as being soulmates; LOOKING TO THE FUTURE: Gary and Carole on their big day
Carole Nash's managing director, David Newman, said: "Our claims data consistently shows the majority of accidents are caused not by our biking policyholders but other road users.
Carole has only been a member for a couple of months, and is already reaping the benefits.
Carole Zarins, of Taylor Hill, is desperately searching for the item of jewellery that she misplaced somewhere in Huddersfield last week.
A man arrested in connection with the kidnap and murder of oil executive Carole Waugh has been charged with fraud.
Carole proved a whizz in the kitchen to beat off all-comers for the crown.