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any of numerous aquatic carnivorous plants of the genus Utricularia some of whose leaves are modified as small urn-shaped bladders that trap minute aquatic animals

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Nevertheless, in spite or perhaps because of the proximity of their publication dates, this hoax in fact shows the greatest debt to Darwin's work on both evolution and carnivorous plants, as its (fictional) author compares the contents of the letter he is about to share with Darwin's "studies of drosera and sarracenia [the North American pitcher plant]," and compares himself to Darwin publishing on evolution: "My special and only motive for publishing prematurely [.
London, July 2 (ANI): Three species of a carnivorous plant, that feed on worms underground have been discovered, by botanists, in the Brazilian savannah.
Leading experts from across the continent will descend on the zoo for the two-day exhibition - seen as Europe's showpiece carnivorous plant event on July 2 and 3.
Carnivorous plants are generalists, with a diet that includes diverse animals such as insects, arachnids, gastropods, and other arthropods (Alcala and Dominguez, 2003).
This little beast, called the Hardwicke's woolly bat, likes to curl up smaller than an iPod and snooze in comforting leaves of a carnivorous plant called a pitcher plant.
You can even check out what is believed to be the country's largest carnivorous plant nursery.
Unless your back yard is literally a swamp, the only realistic way of growing carnivorous plants is in containers.
I HAVE some carnivorous plants, which I put on the patio for the summer.
Matt Blakeley-Smith, plant ecologist with the Institute for Applied Ecology in Corvallis, will talk on carnivorous plants at 7 p.
Next door, Sefton Council's annual garden is sandwiched between two spectacular displays of a carnivorous plants and gladioli typical of the high standard of professional exhibits this year.
Or, more simply that we're just going to show you a good time: charming beach towns anti grand ocean views, good beers and fine fish and chips, carnivorous plants and buried treasure, historic trinkets and modern art.
In the early nineties Gold worked as an environmentalist, researching carnivorous plants on Venezuelan mountain tops.
Song's passion for carnivorous plants began when he was a youngster in Los Angeles.
That's because meat of the small, winged variety is the main course on the park's Venus Flytrap Trail, where the diners are carnivorous plants.
I managed some other carnivorous plants on a mix of peat and shredded sphagnum moss (often sold in bags for lining hanging baskets).