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Researchers at UCL gathered data on brain and body mass for hundreds of modern and extinct bats, carnivorans, and primates.
Carnivorans in this range experience about the same pressure per unit area of their footpads.
2001, 2007) described new carnivorans from Napak following up on the pioneer work by Savage (1965) and the later studies by Schmidt-Kittler (1987) and Schmidt-Kittler and Heizmann (1991).
Moreover, a revision of the carnivoran remains from La Puebla de Valverde enables to discount the presence of Lycaon falconeri, previously cited by Kurten and Crusafont-Pairo (1977) in this locality on the basis of a decidual upper premolar that probably belongs to a hyaenid.
Trophic segregation of small carnivorans (Carnivora: Mustelidae and Mephitidae) from Southern Cone of South America.
Costs of carnivory: tooth fracture in Pleistocene and recent carnivorans.
2010) from the PCS deposit has yielded an abundance and diversity of large and small vertebrates, including rhinoceros, peccary, camels, carnivorans, rodents, turtles, snakes, and frogs.
Mandibular force profiles of extant Carnivorans and implications for the feeding behaviours of extinct predators.
Detections of our pooled category, Other carnivorans, did not differ between track plates and sand stations ([[chi square].
High-level Similarity of Dentitions in Carnivorans and Rodents.