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an engineering university in Pittsburgh

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Led by Electrical and Computer Engineering Professor Raj Rajkumar, Ottomatika spun off from Carnegie Mellon in 2013 and received an investment from Delphi in November 2014.
Convocation is a long-standing university tradition that welcomes new students and their families to Carnegie Mellon.
However, Kamlet says the Qatar Foundation has been insistent that no students are admitted because of family connections; Carnegie Mellon officials are happy to comply, as that practice could be bad for the school's reputation.
A computer scientist at Carnegie Mellon, he and Todd Mowry of Intel came up with the idea for claytronics several years ago.
Students from India, Bulgaria, Romania, Lebanon, Greece, the Ukraine and the United States will participate in a diploma ceremony featuring Pittsburgh entrepreneur and Carnegie Mellon Trustee John G.
The SEI is a federally funded research and development center operated by Carnegie Mellon for the U.
About three years ago General Motors decided it could use a little help in trying to define the Future of automotive electronics, so it turned to Carnegie Mellon University (CMU).
At Carnegie Mellon we hope to make recycling a way of life among college students and have it transfer over into their adult lives," Barbara Kviz, campus Rush to Recycling coordinator, said.
In scripted, three-way conversation, independent systems - at Carnegie Mellon, at the Interpreting Telephony Research Laboratories of Advanced Telecommunications Research (ATR) in Kyoto, Japan, and at Siemens A.
the only provider of high-performance, long-range Wi-Fi products, announced today that it will partner with Carnegie Mellon University to develop advanced Wi-Fi applications, to test its new high capacity 802.
a Carnegie Mellon alum, Life Trustee and one of the fund's inaugural donors, expressed, "East Africa, a sleeping giant, poses a new frontier for Carnegie Mellon and will be increasingly important to the overall global economy.
Carnegie Mellon's presence in the Middle East and around the world continues to grow and we were pleased to see such a high number of qualified students, especially among our Qatari applicants," said Jarrod Mock, director of admission for Carnegie Mellon Qatar.
She points to a recruitment effort by Carnegie Mellon University (Pa.
A team of researchers from Carnegie Mellon University's Robotics Institute is preparing to ship a robot to Antarctica to autonomously search for meteorites.
The project springs from the mind of William "Red" Whittaker, a risk-taking robotics expert at Carnegie Mellon University in Pittsburgh.
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