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a Roman Catholic friar wearing the white cloak of the Carmelite order

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While Carmelites have a range of lifestyles and practices that run the gamut from a strictly enclosed life to one that allows for external retreats and family visits, women from different monastic foundations have reached across lines and become friends, she said.
There was, however, one unclear distraction to the production: why were Carmelites wearing red habits?
The presence of Carmelites in Persia in early modernity is absent from the consciousness of most theologians.
Artistically that steadfastness culminated in several major sacred compositions, among them, at least ostensibly, Dialogues des Carmelites, often considered Poulenc's masterpiece.
YOU can't put a price on privacy - and neither can the community of 30 (almost) silent Carmelite nuns who are quitting the increasing urban intrusion of their 100-year West Derby base where folk can now see into the monastery gardens.
Nevada (US), Feb 14 (ANI): In a remarkable interfaith gesture, Carmelite nuns and well-known Hindu statesman Rajan Zed prayed together in Reno (Nevada, USA) on February 13 for the "peace and love" of humanity.
Proceeds from sales of Easeamine benefit the monastic community and charitable work led by Prior, Brother Dennis Wyrzykowski of the Teresian Carmelites.
Carmelite liturgy and spiritual identity; the choir books of Krakow.
After two years of litigation, the Carmelites finally were able to take possession of the land.
While both faced investigation by the Inquisition, John was imprisoned and beaten by his own Carmelite community, some of whose members opposed his reforms of the order.
He described the delight this arrangement gave him: "When sitting at my table I only look a bit to the right and I can see her beautiful picture; while lying in bed my eye is firstly caught by that star-bearing Madonna, Hope of all Carmelites.
More than 95 percent of the settlement will come from the religious order, the Carmelites Province of the Most Pure Heart of Mary, the majority of which is not covered by insurance.
She said the Carmelites Order are the only Catholic order who cater for coeliacs.
The Rev Philip McBrien, spokesman for the Diocese of Nottingham in which she lives, said she had once been connected to the Carmelites but had since left and set up a "one-woman order".
Since all such groups had to affiliate with an existing order, Mother Luisita and her sisters took vows as Third Order Carmelites.