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prolific Italian dramatist (1707-1793)


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Tal es el caso de Carlo Goldoni (1707-1793), ya entonces reconocido dramaturgo de carrera internacional, y principal libretista de opera bufa a mediados de siglo.
8) In Tutte le opere cri Carlo Goldoni, a cura di Giuseppe Ortolani, V, Milano: Mondadori, 1955.
The classic comedy by Richard Bean is based on "The Servant of Two Masters" by Carlo Goldoni with songs by Grant Olding.
La obra del veneciano Carlo Goldoni llego a los escenarios espanoles y fueron muchos sus personajes, situaciones y argumentos que adaptaron y adoptaron otros dramaturgos.
Chartier's sixth chapter focuses on the work of Carlo Goldoni, specifically his peregrinations between Italy and Paris and his comedy, Una delle ultima sere di carnovale, first staged in Venice on Shrove Tuesday (appropriately enough) 1762.
Under French influence, improvised comedies gave way to scripted comedies in the eighteenth century, particularly through the satirical comedies of Carlo Goldoni, who was very influential from the 1730s until his departure to Paris in 1762, and through the fairy tale comedies of Carlo Gozzi.
Les Dennis, The Servant of Two Masters by Carlo Goldoni, Aberystwyth Arts Centre, October 22-24 at 7.
Students of classical drama may well recognize the narrative seeds sewn by Plautus and picked up by the likes of Shakespeare, RMoliere, Carlo Goldoni and Stephen Sondheim, whose musical "A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Forum" was based on several Plautus plays.
The study is prefaced by an examination of a perceived "Dalmatian Loyalty" to the "Venetian Lion" in the literature of eighteenth-century Venice, focusing in particular on Carlo Goldoni and Carlo Gozzi (chapter one).
Es el caso del celebre comediografo Carlo Goldoni, cuya primer obra fue la solemne Amalasonte, tragedia lirica que fracaso estrepitosamente en un teatro de Milan.
The one-act play La Vedova Goldoni, is an imaginary dialogue between Cunegonde, a prostitute, and Maria Nicoletta Connio, the widow of the Venetian playwright Carlo Goldoni.
2 Tutte le opere di Carlo Goldoni a cura di Giuseppe Ortolani (Verona: Mondadori, 1935-56), V, 261.
The efforts of such playwrights as Carlo Goldoni to reform Italian drama sealed the fate of the decaying commedia dell'arte.
Nicholas Hytner's sold-out, five-star production One Man, Two Guvnors, written by Richard Bean is based on The Servant of Two Masters by Carlo Goldoni, with songs by Grant Olding.
music THEATRE One Man Two Guvnors Based on the classic Italian comedy, The Servant of Two Masters, by Carlo Goldoni.