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Austrian virtuoso pianist and composer of many works for the piano


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Discipulo en Viena del gran maestro Carl Czerny, e incluso del propio Antonio Salieri (si, el rival de Mozart), sus muchos recitales causaron sensacion y motivaron que se trasladara con su padre a Paris, donde en 1825 dio a conocer la unica opera de su catalogo (la cervantina Don Sancho o el castillo del amor), friamente acogida por un publico que veia en el pequeno mas a un prodigioso pianista que a un compositor.
El programa cierra con la pieza clasica de Stanton Welch "Studies", con musica de Carl Czerny y la inclusion de doscientos cuarenta y un estudiantes de todos los niveles de la academia del Houston Ballet.
Readers who know the music of Carl Czerny are aware of the almost hilarious virtuosity of his piano writing.
Bob Brady skillfully played Miniatura #2 by Nilson Lombardi and Gypsy Dance by Carl Czerny.
This gave rise to the phenomenally successful piano teaching industry, at the apex of which sat Carl Czerny.
CARL CZERNY, too, had to contend with the overwhelming presence of Beethoven, though for most music lovers, suggesting that Czerny might even be in the running for a position as a significant composer - let alone a great one - would be like sending a gourmet seeking exquisite cuisine to the nearest McDonald's, or telling a drama critic that Silvester Stallone had given the definitive performance of Hamlet.
1829 Carl Czerny, Systematische Anweisung zum Fantasieren auf dem Pianoforte, part 1, op.
I have to remind him of Adam Liszt's letter to Carl Czerny of 14 August 1825, from Paris (my italics): 'We gave our own concert at the Theatre .
In fact, now that the Neue Schubert-Ausgabe (NSA) has endorsed this interpretation, it seems that the pendulum has begun to swing Bostridge's way and that scholars are starting to think Beethoven's request to Carl Czerny that he not assimilate the triplets in the first movement of the "Moonlight" Sonata (op.
The pianist has received a number of awards, including the first and special prize at the National Musical competition Paul Constantinescu in 1997, grand prizes at the National Music competition Carl Czerny in 1998 and at the International Competition WA Mozart in 1999.
Among the topics are Liszt's Verbunkos legacy and the paradoxes of Hungarian music, his transcriptions and the issue of authenticity, rethinking the politics of music in the 1850s and 1860s, celebrating him at his birthplace 1936-2011, Carl Czerny and Liszt's early European tours 1823-25 and 1826, and the film Liszt's Dance with the Devil.
Two favorite composers of such studies are Carl Czerny and Henry Lemoine, both of whom wrote numerous examples addressing finger independence.
Composer Carl Czerny said it reminded him of Hamlet's encounter with his father's ghost - hence the title.