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Austrian virtuoso pianist and composer of many works for the piano


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After Hrncirik's detailed introduction to and characterization of church music in the Biedermeier, the remainder of the volume presents case studies of Biedermeier musicians (Randhartinger, Joseph Eybler, Anton Diabelli, Carl Czerny, the Maschek family, and Tirolean church music composers), locales (the pilgrimage church Maria Taferl and Atzenbrugg/Heiligeneich), and compositional approaches (operatic music parodied for the church and songs of pilgrimage in Lower Austria).
Born in the Ukrainian city of Odessa, Pachmann's main piano studies were in Vienna with Joseph Dachs, a pupil of Carl Czerny.
Is this indeed the same Carl Czerny whose "Art of Finger Dexterity" has been inflicted on piano students since time immemorial, and who wrote etudes with endearing titles such as "A Quiet Hand, with the Fingers Active to the Utmost" and "The Lightest Touch, with the Fingers at the Highest Speed"?
This gave rise to the phenomenally successful piano teaching industry, at the apex of which sat Carl Czerny.
Composer Carl Czerny said it reminded him of Hamlet's encounter with his father's ghost - hence the title.
Two favorite composers of such studies are Carl Czerny and Henry Lemoine, both of whom wrote numerous examples addressing finger independence.