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Synonyms for carillon

set of bells hung in a bell tower

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playing a set of bells that are (usually) hung in a tower

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It has not peeled in the tower since the late 1950s, when electric carillon bells were installed.
Gerald, from Canada, will be playing the carillon bells on top of the building, which marks its 40th anniversary this year, at 7pm.
The performance, by the world renowned player of carillon bells, is part of his European tour.
from left) Sir Adrian Cadbury, Koen Cosaert and Trevor Workman with the 'keyboard' to the Carillon bells.
Also tonight, heralding the start of the AV Festival's opening weekend, American musician Charlemagne Palestine will perform on the carillon bells at Newcastle Civic Centre from 6.
The Hoover Institution Tower observation deck is closed until April 15, 2002, as construction is under way to build the support structure for the Institution's carillon bells.
The 35 carillon bells were removed in late 2000 and sent to the Royal Eijsbouts Bellfoundry in Ostend, Belgium, for recasting and retuning.
He's a fan of bells, apparently, having first attracted attention from an artistic crowd by playing carillon bells in a church near New York's Museum of Modern Art.
He will return therefore in March to perform on the famous carillon bells at Newcastle Civic Centre and to hear the premiere of his first composition for church bells performed by ringers of St Nicholas' Cathedral and St John's Church.
The 23 carillon bells that need retuning will be removed from the Hoover Tower by crane and be sent to the Dutch bellfounder Royal Eijsbouts.
He appeared at The Sage Gateshead in May 2005, not long after it opened, but in Newcastle will perform on the carillon bells at the Civic Centre as part of the festival's opening night.
Cast in bronze, carillon bells are played from a keyboard which has batons for the hands and pedals for the feet.
They have been played regularly since they were installed, but for the past 17 years Dr Ian Brunt, also a world-renowned player of carillon bells, has provided the musical backdrop for Saturday shoppers.
Newcastle Lord Mayor David Wood said: "We are delighted Gerald has decided to play the Edith Adamson carillon bells, especially as we celebrate the 40th anniversary of the official opening of the Civic Centre.
MUSIC MAN Gerald Martindale, with the carillon bells on the roof of Newcastle Civic Centre.