dental caries

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soft decayed area in a tooth

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The device has a CE Mark in Europe and Calcivis recently reported that a first clinical study met its primary performance endpoint relating to the System's ability to identify early active caries lesions.
This was confirmation that prior caries experience especially in the primary dentition was a positive predictor of developing new caries lesions later in life especially when specific caries preventive activities targeted at high risk children such as fissure sealing and fluoride therapy were not affected.
Hard tissue assessment involves the assessment of existing lesions such as caries lesions.
Laser fluorescence device does not perform well in detection of early caries lesions in primary teeth: an in vitro study.
Uniquely it uses a recombinant photoprotein marker and a sophisticated imaging device to detect free calcium ions at the tooth surface, to provide diagnostic and prognostic information on the development and progression of caries lesions (tooth decay).
Ultrastructural and microbiological analysis of the dentin layers affected by caries lesions in primary molars treated by minimal 88 intervention.
Data also suggests that those groups of individuals who have caries lesions also are at increased risk for future caries, as several studies show that the single best indicator for the risk of tooth decay is pre-existing caries [Powell, 1998; Zero et al.
The purpose of this study was to evaluate the cariostatic effect of crude and petroleum ether fractions of Trachyspermum ammi against Streptococcus mutans and in the distribution of caries lesions in the oral cavity of rats.
Clinical performance of a laser fluorescence device for detection of occlusal caries lesions.
The researchers wrote: "We have shown that our synthetic material can reconstruct enamel without prior excavation, in a process that not only repairs early caries lesions but can also help to prevent their re-occurrence by strengthening the natural enamel.
The regular filling and extraction service which has been provided in the past will not interfere with the nutritional study as it will not materially reduce the occurrence of new caries lesions or affect the gingival conditions.
Effect of silver diammine fluoride on incipient caries lesions in erupting permanent first molars: A pilot study.
Angmar-Mansson, Invited Review: A Review of Quantitative Methods for Studies of Mineral Content of Intra-oral Incipient Caries Lesions, J.
While large dental caries lesions can be seen by the naked eye, many smaller ones are difficult to see.
on detection and monitoring of early caries lesions and the link to prevention in practice.