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Ali Campbell added: "Our music is inspired by the beautiful Caribbean islands and, of course, it has always been close to our hearts.
The embassy prepared food packages and other necessities to deliver to residents of the Caribbean islands.
The Category 5 hurricane Irma left a trail of death, destruction and chaos across Caribbean islands from Cuba to Antigua and Saint Barthelemy to St.
Over the next few months, Gottardi will be helping with the drafting of a strategic plan and messaging framework for the Caribbean Islands Society.
Also, customers travelling to Bermuda or the Caribbean islands can now purchase 100 MB of data for USD75, as compared to the previous USD125 for 50 MB, an effective price reduction of 70%.
The Turks & Caicos Islands - - Caribbean islands.
Hurricane Tomas has barrelled through a cluster of eastern Caribbean islands, after passing over Barbados where it knocked down power lines and damaged houses as a tropical storm.
The company has offered Caribbean islands deals and exclusive savings for travel through April 15, 2011, for bookings made before July 15, 2010.
The Dominian Republic occupies more than half of Hispaniola, the second largest of the Caribbean Islands.
The Caribbean Islands cover an area of approximately 270,000 [km.
28 said it has enhanced its Caribbean islands service with two new, bigger, faster container ships--the Eclips and Ocean.
LAS ISLAS CHOCOLATE BAR: Scharffen Berger Chocolate Maker has introduced the Limited Series Las Islas or islands bar (the seventh in the series), a blend of cacao beans from three Caribbean islands, including Trinidad, Jamaica and the Dominican Republic.
In response to a new predator, lizards on several Caribbean islands underwent selection first for long legs and then for short legs.
PA) announced on Tuesday (3 October) that the company has signed a turnkey contract with South Caribbean Fiber (SCF), a cable operator in the Caribbean region, to deploy a new submarine cable network spanning the eastern Caribbean islands.
The history of the Caribbean islands began long before the arrival of Christopher Columbus and the Europeans.
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