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an island in the Caribbean Sea

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This is a crucial goal for Caribbean island nations that are particularly vulnerable to climate change and which only contribute 0.
The British Virgin Islands - - Caribbean islands - - population 27,800.
From August 2006 to April 2009, Applied Herpetology published a series of articles--some reviewed some not--on the conservation of Caribbean island herpatofauna.
And since taking office in January, the administration of Barack Obama, the US president, has called past US policies a failure and moved to improve ties with the Caribbean island.
The murder was the 10th this year on the Caribbean island, where police are struggling to contain a wave of violence.
For instance, twelve Caribbean Island botanists--from different islands--are lead authors or major contributors in theses proceedings.
Generally speaking, the gay-friendliness (or, more accurately the degree of homophobia) of each Caribbean island today is largely tied to its cultural heritage.
When she immigrated to the United States from the Caribbean island of Anguilla in the 1980s, Jerone Buchanan was determined to gain financial independence.
1969: British troops took over the Caribbean Island of Anguilla.
The competition is open to students who are citizens of North America, South and Central America, the Caribbean Island Nations and the Hawaiian Islands and who are under age 26 on December 31, 2001.
to realize the multi-phased construction of this premier luxury development on the Caribbean island of St.
Set in the eastern Caribbean island of Dominica, the story expertly weaves folklore and history as it travels between the present and the past.
The Orbitz Insider Index' Unveils the Top Caribbean Island Vacation Spots and 'Staff Picks' for Winter 2006
If you discover that your ancestors are from the Caribbean, you must trace them back to their Caribbean island, and then if possible back to Africa.
Lindbald Special Expeditions has announced that its 110-passenger Caledonian Star will be the first cruise ship to visit the Caribbean island of Montserrat since its volcano erupted.
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