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Founder and CEO, Paul Caswell, says: "I have lived all over the Caribbean and want to use my personal knowledge of these islands to help vacationers find their slice of paradise.
The association deputy director of marketing, Fernando Abreu, said, 'We are bringing together representatives from various Caribbean destinations, local Caribbean Diaspora groups, and members of the New York City community to what will be one of the hottest Caribbean Fairs in the city.
Caribbean BlueBook is not just another website filled with Caribbean business listings.
Caribbean coral bleaching noted in 1990 and 1995 didn't occur during El Nino years, hinting that another factor was at play.
Within the modernist tradition, interpretation and reinvention [rather than imitation and application] should be used as a methodology to arrive at an appropriate contemporary model that responds to the current complexities of the region; a process that has been notably successful beyond the Caribbean, in regions like Australia, where architects [such as Glenn Murcutt] have responded well to similar design challenges while using non-traditional materials.
It is expected that the standard will be presented to the Caribbean Community (CARICOM) Meeting of Ministers responsible for standards, through which deliberation may begin on the adoption of the document as a regional standard.
Combined, these essays cover a wide range of specialized topics and include innovative work on the Caribbean and African slave experiences.
While the essays represent the complex spectrum of Caribbean cultures, they do have a downside: If you like a particular style of essay, you won't find it consistently.
Feng, who specializes in the Caribbean, added that the region is emerging strongly from the affects of the global economic downturn and is expected to gather momentum in creditworthiness.
On board the Monarch, from stem to stern, top to bottom, amenities and activities have been added to target West Coast and family-focused cruisers: a 30-foot-high, three-sided rock-climbing wall (the first for any West Coast-based Royal Caribbean ship), California-inspired food, a full-service spa and several teen-only hangouts.
Caroline Rody's The Daughter's Return importantly links these two themes to provide a compelling examination of how recent African American and Caribbean women writers return to the past in order to rewrite it.
4) Known as the the third border of the United States, the tiny islands of the Caribbean lie between the world's leading producer, and the world's leading consumer of cocaine and marijuana South America and the United States, respectively.
Foreign language education in the Caribbean has improved since the post-colonial era.
The growth of Caribbean businesses has spread westward and in many other directions in the United States.
the Royal Caribbean Cruise Liner's flier said they'd be arriving at "LABADEE" -- which is part of Haiti, say small letters buried in the flier's text.
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