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a member of an American Indian peoples of northeastern South America and the Lesser Antilles

the family of languages spoken by the Carib

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The ancestors also gave the Garifuna their characteristic music, which incorporates both African and Native American drum rhythms and song patterns, and an expressive language made up of Arawakan and Cariban (the original languages of the Caribs) and Yoruba, a West African language.
have brought together 11 contributions pertaining to the history, classification, and endangerment of the indigenous languages of South America as well as typological characteristics, phonetics and phonology, and some specifics of Chibchan languages, the Cariban family, Tupian, Quechuan and Aymaran, and languages of the Chaco and southern cone.
For this reason, we have chosen to concentrate on the exophoric contrastive use of demonstratives in two languages in detail: Tiriyo (a Cariban language spoken in northern Brazil) and Lavukaleve (a Papuan isolate of the Solomon Islands).
Along similar lines, there are languages such as the Cariban language Tiriyo (Parker 2001; Meira 2001) where the only coda consonants allowed are nasals homorganic to a following onset and /h/, which only can surface as a coda.