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Shun Feng has cooperation agreements with other domestic cargo carriers, including Shenzhen Donghai Airlines and Yangtze River Express Airlines, for the lease of cargo aircraft for charter services.
It addresses exemptions for cargo carriers from strict FAA rules governing how much rest pilots need between flights, among other things.
Tokyo, July 21 (Xinhua-ANI): An unmanned cargo carrier to supply goods to the International Space Station (ISS), "the Konotori 3", was successfully launched into orbit by an H2B rocket in southwest Japan on Saturday.
Summary: Emirates SkyCargo, the freight division of Emirates, recently cemented its position as a leading global player in the air cargo industry by winning the 'Best Air Cargo Carrier Middle East' award for the 18th consecutive year at the annual Asian Freight & Supply Chain Awards.
Centurion Cargo, together with its related party SkyLease Cargo, is the leading cargo carrier out of Miami International Airport and operates a fleet of four MD-11F aircraft, leases an additional six (6) MD-11F's from SkyLease Cargo and operates scheduled all cargo service to multiple destinations in South America, Central America, Mexico, the Caribbean, Europe and World Wide charters.
The cargo carrier further said the transaction would increase the attractiveness of the Cargolux network through increased reach and scale.
Soaper said, "I am thrilled to join Southern Air, one of the world's leading air cargo carriers.
ABSA Cargo Airline, a Brazilian air cargo carrier, is dedicated to overcoming these challenges and excelling in the transport of such precious commodities, including livestock cargo.
On this twenty-second space station assembly and operations flight, SPACEHAB will also be providing a deployable cargo carrier, known as ESP3.
In February 2005 NASA decided to convert the cargo carrier to a deployable platform to be transferred to the International Space Station for storage of on-orbit spares.
The cargo carrier will take one 747-400F this year from Boeing and two 747-400BCFs.
ABSA Cargo Airline, a Brazilian flag cargo carrier, offers its customers an expansive route network in the United States, Latin America, Central America, Europe, Asia and Oceania.
Aloha Airlines is the leading inter-island cargo carrier in Hawaii, operating out of Honolulu International Airport and serving the Hawaiian Islands as well as several locations on the U.
Although still flying profitably during difficult times for US airlines, cargo carrier ABX Air said yesterday that its failure to reach certain revenue incentives under a Hub Services Agreement with primary customer DHL was the principal cause of an 18% drop in annual net profit to $30.
These requirements have resulted in NASA engaging SPACEHAB's support, through its contract with Lockheed Martin, in removing and replacing equipment set for launch on the Company's cargo carrier being flown on this mission.