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large genus of plants found in damp woodlands and bogs and ditches or at water margins: sedges

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Zenith Carex has its headquarters in the US and Nigeria.
The arching bronze-red leaves of weeping brown sedge Carex Flagellifera are best seen in tall pots.
We strive to deliver quality, innovative and affordable products that will help consumers live their best lives," said Jeff Swain, vice president of retail marketing at Compass Health Brands, the parent company of Carex.
2014a) that allow discrimination at the species level in complex groups such as Carex sect.
4,5) It has already been used by CAREX Canada to develop estimates of the numbers of workers exposed to various carcinogens, by identifying workplaces and occupations with potential exposure, and exposure at levels of concern by province/territory, industry, and occupation.
Carex Health president Matt McElduff noted that the merger creates many opportunities such as the ability for his company to offer new product categories.
We have always admired the ThermiPaq brand and its leadership in the clay hot/cold segment," said Carex president Matt McElduff at the time.
CLUSTER 3 corresponds to snow-bed grasslands characterized by Ranunculus carinthiacus, Poa alpina, Carex macrostylon and a total of eight diagnostic species (Table 1).
The CAREX project represents a concrete high speed railway alternative, capable of fulfilling the strictest requirements of air freight, while considerably reducing the impact of the pre- and post-air transport concerned.
Small-leaved ivies were traditionally used to soften the harsh outlines of containers although nowadays garden centres also offer arching sprays of decorative grasses such as Carex comens or Carex buchanii to do a similar job.
PZ Cussons, which also makes Original Source and Carex, suffered a 10 per cent shares slump after admitting weak sales in its biggest market, Nigeria, would leave its performance in the year to the end of May "some way below expectations".
Try Carex comans "Frosted Curls" with its silvery green leaves, or Festuca glauca "Elijah Blue".
Try Carex comans Frosted Curls with its silvery green leaves or Festuca glauca Elijah Blue.
Strong trading in the UK boosted by the launch of Carex Protect Plus handwash helped push revenues up by 10.
According to TWINSPAN analysis, the data set was split into two major groups: (1) xerophytic to mesophytic communities of Sesleria caerulea group (128 releves in total); and (2) mesophytic communities with Molinia caerulea or Carex hostiana as dominant species (53 releves in total).