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Synonyms for caretaker

Synonyms for caretaker

a person who is legally responsible for the person or property of another considered by law to be incompetent to manage his or her affairs

Words related to caretaker

a custodian who is hired to take care of something (property or a person)

an official who performs the duties of an office temporarily

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Summary: The Future parliamentary bloc entered the fray over the oil controversy Tuesday by calling for the swift formation of a new government to handle Lebanon's oil and gas wealth after accusing the caretaker Cabinet of involvement in "suspicious deals.
The discord between Khalil and Bassil has complicated efforts to hold an urgent meeting of the caretaker Cabinet to pass two decrees still needed to proceed with exploration and set a model for revenue sharing.
Speaking to The Daily Star, a source close to Berri said that what he called a technical dispute between Aoun and the FPM should not prevent the caretaker Cabinet from convening.
The 24 Chasa daily reported earlier on Friday thatA law professorA Georgi Bliznashki will head the caretaker cabinet.
BEIRUT: Speaker Nabih Berri has entered the fray over the deepening Cabinet crisis, accusing the March 14 coalition of obstructing the formation of a new government and also the Future Movement of preventing a caretaker Cabinet session to discuss oil-related decrees.
We don't have a precedent where a caretaker cabinet meets to take decisions but we have instances where the parliament met in the absence of a government.
Zlatanova, as cited by the Bulgarian National Radio, claimed that the political situation in the past year had been unfavorable for radical reforms and it would continue to be so over the next few months due to the two governments in office, the caretaker cabinet and the regular cabinet.
The meeting touched on "the imbalance in some governmental appointments under the caretaker Cabinet," according to a statement.
Kadiri said that March 14 Forces support renewing the period of the Governor of the Lebanese Central Bank Riad Salameh, stressing that necessity demands that Caretaker Cabinet holds an exceptional session regarding this issue because it is of its duties not of the Parliament's.
In this regard, he said, the ECP has proposed amendment in Article 48 (5) of the Constitution to the effect that in case of dissolution of National Assembly by the President in his discretion, he, inter alia, will consult the Chief Election Commissioner before fixing a date for General Elections and appointing Caretaker Cabinet and further that the members of the caretaker cabinet, namely, the Prime Minister, Chief Ministers and Ministers shall not take part in elections being held under the administration of that Cabinet.
Bulgaria's head of state is due to announce the names in the forthcoming caretaker cabinet in August.
Lebanon fears that the budget deficit may exceed 27 percent at the end of this year if the caretaker Cabinet continues to allocate funds toward providing for Syrian refugees.
NNA - Caretaker cabinet minister, Mohammad Fneish, called for a coherent cabinet made up of the new parliamentarian majority.
The members of the caretaker cabinet including the Prime Minister, Chief Ministers and Ministers shall not take part in elections being held under the administration of that cabinet.
ISLAMABAD -- The Prime Minister of Pakistan, who is also the Chairman GilgitBaltistan Council has appointed a fivemember caretaker Cabinet of GilgitBaltistan.