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a person who is responsible for attending to the needs of a child or dependent adult

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This needs assessment study was designed to provide descriptive data regarding coping experience of caregivers, and its relationship to the information provided during hospitalization to stroke family members.
On the following pages are three case histories that describe real people with AIDS and their caregivers.
Because worthwhile resolutions can't wait until January, this November Lotsa Helping Hands is releasing its New Year's Resolution early - a promise to help our nation's 65 million caregivers through The Year of Helping Hands campaign.
The presentation took place at MOCA (Museum of Chinese in America) in Lower Manhattan during an event featuring Retired Major General Antonio Taguba, who became an AARP Community Ambassador to advocate for caregivers and their families after serving as a family caregiver himself for his elderly parents.
com provides online tools for individuals interested in a caregiving career and for current professional caregivers.
This ecumenical service guides caregivers to a spiritual reawakening through inward reflection and community prayer.
Caregivers frequently mention that their search for alternatives has delivered less than satisfactory results.
By the end of the study, depression scores were comparably low in caregivers and the controls.
Our current caregivers are doing a great job "out there", and we are very excited about the future potential for the caregiver program.
Caregivers need to take care of themselves before they become physically ill or exhausted.
Caregivers Exchange ideas and Encouragement at Support Groups
Supporting the functioning of caregivers is vital for the successful medical management of individuals with chronic illness and disability.
Library programs for very young children (birth through two years) and their adult caregivers are common public library initiatives designed both to introduce caregivers to library resources for young children and to provide two conditions thought to enhance children's emergent literacy: a print-filled environment and "a caring adult to introduce the child to literary pleasure" (Greene, 1991, p.
Studies have shown the impact of caregiving on the caregivers health.