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Cardinale was established in 1982 by Jess Jackson to create a world-class cabernet sauvignon from top vineyards throughout the North Coast.
A partir de aqui han sido identificadas las principales estrellas que protagonizan sus paginas, y han sido seleccionadas tres de las mas asiduas: Claudia Cardinale, Elisabeth Taylor y Brigitte Bardot.
Ice cream seller Ida Cardinale has had her lease extended by the council
Il secondo capitolo, dal titolo "La passione missionaria", si apre con il rapporto particolare che il cardinale ebbe con i gesuiti: nominato da Papa Clemente XIV alla segreteria di Propaganda Fide, tre anni dopo dovette confrontarsi con la soppressione dell'Ordine, quando i gesuiti furono ridotti al rango di preti secolari.
For an hour and a half, Cardinale spoke about her start as an actress when she was a little girl, her first participation at her first Cairo International Film Festival, and her friendship with the late Egyptian actor Omar Sharif.
Cardinale is a familiar name among North Fork locals and summer residents.
Most famous internationally for the "brains and beauty" she brought to Blake Edward's all-time-hit, The Pink Panther in 1963 co-starring Peter Sellers and David Niven, Cardinale has fought her whole life.
Also during the evening the festival gave two lifetime achievement awards to a European cinema icon, Italian actress Claudia Cardinale, and to Egyptian screen legend Sawsan Badr.
Con l'ingresso a Napoli nell'aprile 1596 del nuovo arcivescovo, il cardinale Alfonso Gesualdo, furono ripresi i progetti di riorganizzazione della rete parrocchiale.
cardinale isolates of diseased tree samples from seven Mediterranean countries, eight California counties, Chile and New Zealand.
I now have the privilege of introducing the person who has been working on this event tirelessly for the last few months, and has brought everything together for us today, Jessie Cardinale, the Law Review's Executive Editor for State Constitutional Commentary.
The editors are affiliated as follows: Marco Cardinale (British Olympic Medical Institute, Institute of Sport Exercise and Health, University College London; Schools of Medical Sciences, U.
Christopher Cardinale was chosen to illustrate this story due to his experience as a "cartoonist and community muralist with a social justice message.
Italian actress Claudia Cardinale won "The Best Actress" award with her performance in "Sinyora Enrica ile Italyan Olmak" (Signora Enrica) in the festival.