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the number of elements in a mathematical set

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Here are some new shiftgrams for cardinal numbers, with the letter-shift value in the center.
Seven lists follow: cardinal numbers, chemical elements, colors, letters of the Greek alphabet, US statenames, days of the week, and planets of the solar system.
In addition to Emanuel Schongut's lovely illustrations, "Christmas Eve Blizzard" is enhanced for young readers with a Spanish/English glossary for the Spanish words that appear in the text of the story, as well as fun facts about birds (and cardinals in particular), information on making a bird-friendly backyard habitat, easy bird feeder crafts for Christmas and year round, information on what to do if the young reader were to find an injured or orphaned baby bird, and even cardinal numbers and math games
But transfinite cardinal numbers are directly understandable by human minds (though this requires considerable effort), whereas God surpasses all direct human understanding.
Songs originally written to include cardinal numbers (one, two, three, four), such as "Five Little Chickadees," can be adapted to include ordinal numbers.
On the road, USC will wear white jerseys with cardinal shoulder stripes and cardinal numbers on the sleeves.
Then, nouns, cardinal numbers and adjectives are removed from the list.