Cardinal Bellarmine

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Italian cardinal and theologian (1542-1621)

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Moreover Cardinal Bellarmine conceded that scientific evidence might eventually prove that holding to a literal interpretation of the Bible could prove to be difficult in certain situations.
41) Unfortunately for Galileo, Cardinal Bellarmine died in 1621.
ROBERT CARDINAL BELLARMINE (1542--1621) Born to a noble family, Bellarmine was well read in both Copernicus and Galileo and understood the mathematical foundations within the writings of each.
It was there that he had Saint Robert Cardinal Bellarmine, S.
An oath of allegiance to the king, denying support of the papacy, was established by Parliament; James attempted to defend it, thus arousing the ire of Cardinal Bellarmine and opening an extended war of words.
Later, when the endearing title of "boss" gives way to the chillingly formal "Inquisitor Robert Cardinal Bellarmine," we know that some kind of balance has been struck.
The first features Cardinal Bellarmine and the injunction served on Galileo in April 1616; it concentrates on six documents that F.
Grayling importantly indicates that Galileo's position was not acceptable to Cardinal Bellarmine and the inquisition even when offered only as a hypothetical, "as if" view, and not as true in some realist/correspondence sense.
Cardinal Bellarmine declared that Christ's suffering was intensified by that of his mother, for after God the Father he loved no one as much as Mary.