congestive heart failure

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inability to pump enough blood to avoid congestion in the tissues

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It can be extensively applied in the treatment of acute myocardial infarction in combination with cardiac failure.
Changing epidemiological features of cardiac failure.
Islamabad: A murder convict sentenced to death in 2004 has been acquitted by Pakistan's Supreme Court following an appeal but the relief came two years too late as the man had died of cardiac failure while in prison, a newspaper reported on Sunday.
There was no evidence of pulmonary artery hypertension, focal neurological deficits, or cardiac failure.
In July 2004, Hassam Qazi died owing to cardiac failure when he was just 42.
A post-mortem found Dunn had died of cardiac failure caused by heart disease and contributed to by chronic kidney disease.
Jeddah -- A passenger expired due to cardiac failure while he on board the private airline flight via Jeddah on Tuesday.
It is reported that findings regarding the CoQ10 deficiency are available in cases such as cardiac failure, angina pectros, cardiomyopathy, hypertension, mitral valve prolapsus and atherosclerosis (Singh et al.
These cut-offs were selected based on accepted definitions for access recirculation using dilution techniques (nonurea-based), the minimal target flow rate to achieve effective dialysis, and flow rates that have been shown to increase the risk of high-output cardiac failure (Lee et al.
CHARSADDA -- Former Federal Minister for Railway and veteran politician, Nisar Muhammad Khan died of cardiac failure here at his village Sheikhabad on Tuesday at the age of 85, family sources said.
Defibrillators are automatic devices used to treat heart rhythm disorders by administering electric shocks, he said, adding they are used when a patient complains of fainting, irregular breathing and a weak or absent pulse - all symptoms of cardiac failure.
1%) while 18(21%) patients developed congestive cardiac failure 15(18%) developed arrhythmias 16(19%) developed peripheral embolism and renal failure was present in 38(54%).
Medical personnel confirmed that Hsieh died from cardiac failure, with no signs of external injury, and therefore the incident was ruled another "sudden death" from prolonged computer gaming.