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the operation of introducing a catheter into the body

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The need for opioid pain medication following cardiac catheterization is questioned given the risks of opioid use involved.
The intervention was introduced in June 2011 inclusive of implementing infection control measures in the cardiac catheterization lab where these devices were implanted, as per Society for Cardiac Angiography and Interventions (SCAI) infection control guidelines for the cardiac catheterization laboratory4 with special emphasis on patient preparation and hygiene, timely and adequate dose of prophylactic antibiotic, aseptic technique including use of chlorhexidine-alcohol prep, stringent training standards for Cath lab staff on non-touch aseptic technique and dedicated clean room for the implants with routine surface disinfection using a high level disinfectant.
As a result heart could endure more pressure which is effective on patients recovery and can cause lots of physiological side effects like increase in heart rate, respiratory rate and cardiac output which finally would lead to the failure of cardiac catheterization technique and consequently mistakes in patients' certain diagnosis [7].
Cho says that about 10 to 15 percent of patients who are good subjects for cardiac catheterization are not good candidates for radial access.
Nevertheless, when taken in context with previous studies, the present findings support the premise that early ambulation after cardiac catheterization is safe and improves patient comfort.
The use of cardiac catheterization and angiography as a diagnostic tool was first described in man by Cournand3 and in children with congenital heart disease by Bing et al4 in 1947.
Physicians referred 13% of the women but only 6% of men for cardiac catheterization within the next 90 days.
In a multivariate analysis adjusted for variables including age, diabetes, type of noninvasive imaging test, and the test findings, female gender stood out as an independent predictor of referral for cardiac catheterization, with a twofold increased likelihood.
In what appears to be a huge shift in clinical practice, women with suspected heart disease are being referred for cardiac catheterization twice as often as men, according to data presented at the 59th scientific sessions of the American College of Cardiology.
Information on smoking cessation, sleep disorders, sudden cardiac arrest and cardiac catheterization also will be available.
The project will create two new Cardiac Catheterization Laboratories at Southside Hospital and a shelled room that can accommodate a third future cath lab, as well as recovery space and all other support and operational functions.
Launched in January, the journal publishes articles on heart disease as it relates to the following areas: clinical pediatric and adult cardiology, cardiac imaging, preventive cardiology, diagnostic and interventional cardiac catheterization, surgery, long-term follow-up, exercise and exercise physiology, post-op and critical care, and common disorders.
Cardiac catheterization in congenital heart disease; pediatric and adult.
Recent surveys conducted by the New England Journal of Medicine found that African American patients who suffer a heart attack are less likely to be referred for cardiac catheterization than white patients, whether the physician is black or white.