Cardamine bulbosa

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small white-flowered cress common in wet places in eastern North America

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Cardamine bulbosa was observed at John Bryan State Park (Yellow Springs, Ohio), Glen Helen Nature Preserve (Yellow Springs, Ohio) and Cedar Bog (Urbana, Ohio).
Cardamine bulbosa was obtained from Glen Helen Nature Preserve and C.
Cardamine bulbosa has one of the latest flowering times of the species studied, yet it generally finishes flowering by Jun, in Ohio (Rhoades and Block, 2000).
Only three plants have been recorded: Viola papilionacea (common violet), Ranunculus septentrionalis (swamp buttercup, which does well even in standing water), and Cardamine bulbosa (spring cress).
11, 1 Calla palustris -- -- -- Calopogon pulchellus -- -- -- Caltha palustris -- P -- Cardamine bulbosa P -- -- Cardamine pratensis -- 31, 0.