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a calculator that keeps a record of the number of times something happens

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The FreshBooks Card Reader is fully integrated into FreshBooks' payments offering and accounting software for the Web and iOS devices, so invoices and reports are automatically updated as payments are processed.
com, identifies each slot of the card reader by name when it pops up on the user's PC's desktop, avoiding any 'which drive?
Today there are few businesses that do not have a card reader serving an important function.
and you factor in the price of smart card readers that can cost upwards of $700 apiece, converting a campus from magnetic stripe or low-tech cards to smart cards can be a daunting financial proposition.
These latest card readers are incredible," said John Omvik, Director of Professional Product Marketing, Lexar.
According to the company, the new BlackBerry Smart Card Reader measures 3.
It is expected that the FINREAD smart card reader initiative will lead to a global standard for secure banking over open networks.
According to the company the new USB CompactFlash card reader data onto a computer five times faster than conventional card readers, which run through a parallel interface.
The BlackBerry Smart Card Reader is a wearable peripheral that is FIPS 140-2 validated and can be used to comply with certain government or corporate security requirements by enabling two-factor authentication for BlackBerry devices and applications.
If you have one of the new smartphones or pocket PC phones with slots for removable flash storage, such as the Motorola V710 or the palmOne Treo 650, you can transfer images directly to your PC via a card reader, which is significantly faster than emailing them through a phone service.
com), World Smart Card Readers & Terminals Markets, reveals that the total smart card reader market totaled 9.
Teridian will also provide a free-of-charge CCID reference design (embedded firmware) that can be used either as a basis for custom developments, or as a turnkey solution to build low-cost USB or ExpressCard(TM) smart card reader modules for PC desktops or notebooks, removing the need for any code development.
Designed for ease of use by both consumers and merchants, the Secura features both a magnetic card reader and an EMV chip card reader, a backlit keyboard and LCD display, and a physical privacy shield to ensure transaction security.
The durable card reader is designed in a rugged black housing which is capable of withstanding the active and often demanding environment of a professional photography studio.