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a card on which data can be recorded in the form of punched holes

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The business card is then used as an index, enabling a user to simply finger touch and hold on the business card image for 1.
ID card images can be stored on disks and backed up on removable media, giving you the ability to save valuable employee time by using portable equipment to capture images in the field.
To further personalize the user experience, the Visa Checkout button displays an image of the Mashreq Bank card that the enrolled customer owns, allowing them to simply click on their own card image to checkout.
When customers click on that link, they arrive at the merchant's online gift card store, complete with the company's logo and gift card image.
Called F for Football, this is a nostalgic collage of Victorian cigarette card images but, alas, Blake has got football mixed up with some other game which involves an ovahaped ball.
StampKey has just been updated to it's most complete version yet incorporating English, Spanish and German language editions, an image editor, the ability to import and export loyalty card images, using the app without a login, faster stamping, performance enhancements and in-built promotion functionalities for business users.
Of special note are the post card images of the beach, the boardwalk, and Ocean Avenue.
This technology utilizes dye diffusion thermal transfer (D2T2) technology to print high-quality 300dpi card images and photos directly on the card at speeds up to 900 cards per hour.
Brand Management: Leverage existing gift card images, integrate logo display and choose cart colors that match brand look and feel
Additionally, the Enterprise API provides easy management of product assets, including brand logos, gift card images and terms and conditions.
AllRegs, the leading information provider for the mortgage industry, announces the release of the AllRegs ID Card Database, a comprehensive, online resource that contains card images and details of the most actively used driver's licenses from all 50 states across the U.
More information on Dynamics, its technology, applications and card images can be found at www.
Financial institutions can also upload and manage their own pre-determined image gallery, in which the most common card images are ranked by popularity, giving individuals an even broader selection.
The credit union has the ability to print multiple card images on-demand with DCS' FCP 20/20 card printer, and now offers 21 different background images that members can choose from.